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The Antelope Lodge was built in 1949 and 1950. Advertisements from that era show that it was approved by both AAA and Duncan Hines as a quality place to stay. Original plans for the Lodge show a service station and garage where the office was built. Later, there was a restaurant in part of the Lodge office now occupied by the Last Frontier Museum.

The name "Antelope Lodge" was written in stone by the mason who built the front porch of the office. Other letters, usually A and L, appear on some of the other porches, as well.

John and Teri Smith began visiting Alpine in the early 1990s to hunt for the beautiful agate native to the area. They always stayed at the Antelope Lodge, and enjoyed the casual atmosphere. In 1995, John and Teri Smith bought the Antelope Lodge and moved to Alpine. Since that time, they have been gently restoring the Lodge rooms by updating the plumbing and mechanicals while keeping the "rustic casual" atmosphere. Some of the rooms even have the original "cowboy oak" furnishings from 1949.

Each room at the Lodge is different and unique. Some have colored cement tile or linoleum floors from the 1950s. Others have carpet. Furnishings and artworks also vary from room to room. If you're looking for a comfortable, casual place to stay, the Antelope Lodge is for you!